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The Hut in the Warehouse

Johannes Schanda
15 September 1983
So, years after getting an LJ I finally get around to typing something here. Mostly to get rid of that irritating notice they keep putting up about not having filled out my profile. So the long and the short of it is this:

Born near Munich, Germany back in the mists of time (1983). Lived in Dachau for awhile, then moved to Lenggries, a tiny village near the Austrian border. The only claim to fame of that village is good skiing and some Olympic gold medallists in related disciplines.

Much later, I went to boarding school in the UK, in a place called Giggleswick in North Yorkshire. It was kind of cool and rubbish at the same time. Then I went to the University of Sheffield, where I am now a Ph.D. student.

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User Number: 1089529
Date Created:01/07/2003
Number of Posts: 999

At times it can be a reclusive creature, but find the right lure and it will announce itself by holding forth on any of a number of topics. Best lured with obscure geek references or shiny computer parts, the creature has been known to go to great lengths to get something just right, including the use of sandpaper and power tools on sensitive electronics.
Strengths: 1337 skills with the arcane computing arts, boundless repertoire of anecdotes about fictional characters, great lung capacity.
Weaknesses: Can be overbearing, has to be told to shut up sometimes. Obsessive need to get things it cares about just right.
Special Skills: Sword fighting and running through the woods. Also a professional at sitting at tables and making stuff up. Can teach computers tricks.
Weapons: 5 pound source book, foam weaponry, sonic attack, and sandpaper.
Secret Plan for World Domination: None, individualist paradise with government by voluntary association.

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